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We provide country-wide expert guidance to educational institutions for sourcing qualified and competent staffs.

Country-wide Staffing Solutions for Educational Institutions

We provide expert guidance and support to educational institutions looking to find and recruit the best talent in the field. We understand the challenges faced by schools, universities, and training centers in identifying and hiring qualified and competent teachers who can provide students with quality education.

Recruitment & Selection

We help institutions identify, attract and hire qualified and competent teachers through various sourcing channels, such as job portals, referrals, and social media.

Training & Development

We provide training and development programs to help teachers enhance their skills and knowledge in different areas, such as subject matter expertise, classroom management, and technology integration.

Performance Management

We develop performance management frameworks and tools to monitor and evaluate teacher performance, provide feedback, and identify areas for improvement.

Diversity & Inclusion

We provide guidance on how to promote diversity and inclusion in the hiring process and create a welcoming and inclusive environment for teachers from different backgrounds and cultures.

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Our approach


Requirement Analysis

We analyze institution's needs and the current industry trends to profile candidates based on the specific skills and qualifications.


Candidates Profiling

A large pool of candidates are assessed for their qualifications, experience, skills, and other characteristics to determine whether they are a good fit for a specific role.


Internal & External Interviews

Eligible candidates will be interviewed both internally and externally (Institution). Their expectations for the role and the specific skills and experience are analyzed.


Integration & Induction

A crucial process that helps new staffs to become an integral part of the institution and succeed in their new roles.

How will you benefit?

By availing institutional consulting for staff sourcing, educational institutions can gain access to these benefits and improve their overall recruitment and retention strategies.

Improved candidate quality
Faster Recruitment
Expertise & guidance
Access to larger pool of candidates
Reduced costs
Enhanced reputation

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We've partnered with many institutions for staff sourcing consultancy.